What does Bhavana Mean?

Bhavana is the Sanskrit word that means the act of creating, developing, and giving to create change in oneself and  for others welfare and wellbeing.

Why Bhavana?

Our Philosophy

Bhavana World Project Inc. was founded on a set of guiding values and principles. Our principles are intrinsically a part of the work we do and are fundamentally important to build a strong foundation for delivering successful projects for our clients.


We value that all human beings share the same desire for well-being and quality of life. We recognize that many times individuals and businesses are in need of skills and resources that others possess.


Self-empowerment allows us to recognize that the future lies in each of us. It promotes tremendous positive change in the futures of individuals, businesses, and the world. We facilitate collaborative projects and business partnerships for our clients throughout the developing world that create opportunities for others to be self-empowered.


Through shared knowledge and collaboration we are able to create positive change by helping others to attain a higher level of skill, confidence, self-worth, and business opportunities. By facilitating projects and business partnerships we bring about positive economic, social, and interpersonal growth for others.

Conscious Choice

We value decision making and acting – determining how the decision and action will affect and benefit others.


Investing in the power of human creativity in its many forms and expressions inspires us. Creativity when confronting human problems and in seeking solutions to those problems is a tremendous asset.


Simplicity allows us to devise straightforward solutions that avoid unnecessary complexity.