Bhavana’s business development model creates business partnerships in emerging markets. The model is designed to help  SMEs broaden their trade activities and increase the conditions for social, economic, and environmental development and accomplish socio-economic growth for increased quality of life and wellbeing.  The model rests on the foundation that business and social outcomes are not opposing outcomes, but rather both equally necessary outcomes to create positive social change. This is the fundamental reason why this model is effective for creating positive social change through business development and trade.

Bhavana strives to create socio-economic growth through trade by assembling and empowering teams in which each partner can work collaboratively, innovatively, transparently, and sustainably. This business development model is designed to grow business and create economic, social, and environmental development within the value chain to generate jobs, particularity among women. The model’s intent, mixing business sense with social outcomes, is designed to use social impact indicators as a measurement of success without compromising business outcomes.

To do this successfully, Bhavana acts both as intermediary and facilitator in a given business development project. As intermediary, Bhavana is the liaison for all parties in the project. As facilitator, we directs the project to meet the needs of all parties: buyer, seller, and agency. Under this model, Bhavana develops a methodology and takes strategic steps to facilitate successful business-to-business matchmaking to achieve the ultimate goal of socio-economic growth through trade.