World Market® buyers journeyed through Africa with Bhavana, visiting South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia, to explore an astounding array of artisan-crafted pieces inspired by ancient traditions. The program that resulted is CRAFT by World Market. The authentic beaded jewelry, tribal headdress wall art, hand carved wood decor and handwoven baskets have their own unique stories.

Sourced from more than a dozen countries in Africa, each piece is limited in production and has been handcrafted, which means each item is one of a kind. From a Samburu tribe warrior beaded Maasai choker to the women owned banana leaf basket company, each artisan’s story is as unique as the beautiful pieces they create.

The World Market® buyers were inspired by the many crafts people they met, offering direction on export competitiveness as well as purchasing unique products Bhavana curated for the buyers trip during their visit to the region.  We are delighted to have worked with such a talented team at World Market to help bring this project to life.

 For this initiative Bhavana World Project partnered with Development Alternatives Inc