We are a social enterprise that specializes in trade development and skills training with a focus on the socio-economic advancement of women through international trade.

Through business partnerships, Bhavana World Project brings social entrepreneurs located in emerging markets to international business opportunities, creating unique partners across diverse markets. Bhavana World Project has created meaningful partnerships for such diverse companies as Eileen Fisher, The Kellogg Foundation, USADF, USAID, and Urban Inc. subsidiaries Anthropologie and Free People.

Bhavana at Work

Market Access Projects (MAPs)

Our Market Access Project service is designed to forge and nurture connections between our clients and global social entrepreneurs and artisans. Bhavana offers customized projects that support both brands and makers to create successful trading partnerships.

Our work in action

  • Project architecture and process mapping
  • Business-to-business matchmaking
  • Product development, design, and merchandising
  • Capacity, materials, and skills assessment
  • Production planning, implementation, and management
  • Technical interface
  • Content development for marketing
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Site visit access
  • Specialization in Africa and South East Asia
  • Measurement of social outcomes

Connecting branded businesses and social entrepreneurs

Bhavana works internationally in markets where the talent and creativity is abundant but operational knowledge, supply chain management, and marketing may be less understood.  Bhavana MAPs a plan for social entrepreneurs and SME’s by bridging these gaps so opportunities can come to fruition and trade activities can be stabilized. We have regional expertise in the emerging markets of East Africa and South East Asia and our projects reach into diverse communities where we can make a difference and impact business outcomes.

Our Model

Bhavana uses a unique model to facilitate business growth and to foster social change for all stakeholders. We set strategic direction, provide transparent mentorship and leadership through every step of the project, and empower all collaborators to make decisions that fit their business plans. We work mindfully and creatively to reinforce connections between partners.

Filling operational gaps to trade

The strength of our model is the Bhavana team itself. Our team brings significant experience in both large corporate and small business in emerging markets.  We have sat in the boardroom and woven baskets in the African sun which makes us uniquely qualified to bridge the gaps in scale between brand and maker.

Contributing to sustainability

Our projects have provided our clients with innovative products and new business opportunities, while simultaneously creating jobs for women, producing environmentally-friendly fabric dyed with up-cycled flowers and vegetable waste, and generating data on the social impact of the hand-loom weaving sector in Ethiopia.

MAPs partners love the process

“Bhavana fills a critical gap in the social enterprise development landscape.  While there is an increasing openness on the part of large retailers towards doing business with locally run small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) there is far too little understanding on both sides of the equation about the steps required to make these relationships work effectively.

Bhavana brings a proven strategy, clear vision and the necessary skills to ensure collaboration between these sectors.  Bhavana understands the gap that SMEs must bridge in order to compete in the market and work as a partner to ensure that necessary steps are taken for successful outcomes.”  Letha Sandison

We value the importance of measuring development impact through the use of surveys, interviews, case studies, and economic data collection. We define the program’s beneficiaries and develop realistic measurement indicators to bring insight into the impact of the program on social and economic development. Our reporting includes impact data, lessons learned for development of future programs and projects, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

Market-based Skills Training

Our Market-based Skills Training service provides technical, management, and leadership skills training. We understand the business supply chain from grassroots to market demands, enabling us to identify areas of skills shortage for our clients in order to meet their training needs.  We work with and focus on four important training outcomes to support an organization’s ability to achieve their strategic goals.

Our work in action


  • Improve and expand technical skills
  • Process efficiency to improve product quality and delivery
  • Business management training
  • Leadership development


Our training program matches our client’s specific training needs to their strategic business goals. The collaborative team approach incorporates each team member’s knowledge, expertise, and experience in their field to develop a comprehensive and effective training program.  Our training program is geared toward working with SMEs, addressing their specific needs.

Bhavana offers training from experts who run similar organizations. Our expert trainers have a similar background, understand the women’s business needs and are able to offer their valuable expertise in skills and business management. The skills training provide a comprehensive and adaptable method to increase access to export trade markets which create job opportunities and socio-economic advancement for women.


Measurements are a critical part in the completion of any training project. We use measurements to determine growth. Our measurements are organized within three levels:

  • Technical training /peer level,
  • Market training /business level, and
  • Management training/organization level.

The levels ensure that measurements are taken in areas that are affected by the training program and will provide a comprehensive measurement.

Affiliations and Membership Organizations

Bhavana World Project is proud to be affiliated with the following organization supporting women owned social enterprises around the globe.

  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Owit International
  • US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Women Owned Small Business
  • American Chamber of Commerce Madagascar