Bhavana traveled to three East African countries with business executives from Anthropologie over a two-week period. We prepared each visitor for the trip, coordinated travel schedules, scheduled meetings with businesses in the region, and scheduled social meetings. Additionally, we prepared each visitor with extensive information about the SMEs they would be visiting and prepared them for the business and cultural landscape of East Africa.  We supplied each visitor with a travel book that highlighted the cultural and historical background of the countries in the region. From the business opportunity standpoint, this trip resulted in the use of printed African textile by Anthropologie.  This Dutch Wax fabric was similarly featured by Yinka Shonibare’s “Magic Ladders” which was commissioned by Barnes Foundation, the first commission since Matisse, and was partnered with Anthropologie. The marketing campaign represented each of these varied yet complementary relationships to promote the value, cultural traditions and history of African art and fashion.