Adiv was founded from the desire to re-establish points of human connection to nature, to explore material expressions of nature, and to create dignified local jobs.  From this vision Rupa Trivedi started Adiv, an urban, artisanal, natural hand dye facility in Mumbai. As a social enterprise, Adiv uses business to advance issues of human dignity and the environment training young people in the traditional craft of natural hand dye from collected from temple flower waste, vegetable peels.

Bhavana World Project has partnered with Adiv to bring their unique perspective to fashion brands in the US.  Providing coaching, product development and marketing opportunities are some of the services Bhavana provides to advance Adiv’s work, provide jobs and promote the natural beauty and creativity that is Adiv.

Rupa said, “We understand the human quest for inner peace and aim to fulfill it with nature’s beauty and color. Nature evokes our senses to look, feel, listen, touch, and smell. This natural synthesis is Adiv.”