Home, Fashion and Accessories  are high-potential export sectors in East Africa, but breaking into and succeeding in this market can be extremely challenging. With various facets of export value chain processes to overcome, training and education are critical for SME’s to understand and compete in international trade.

Bhavana created an export training manual for small and medium enterprises interested in expanding to U.S. markets. This comprehensive tool helps businesses navigate creating and pricing a product for international markets, U.S. standards, and AGOA regulations.  The training manual and workshops were delivered in five countries to more than 400 enterprises looking to  capture and retain buyers internationally. We are proud to contribute to a thriving export market for the creative and innovative entrepreneurs in these countries and to assist them to navigate the complex system of trade and get their products to market.


The participates indicated during a survey post training,  they felt better equip to serve their existing customers and more confident to expand their markets both regionally and international. Also they expressed more clarity about the African Growth and Opportunities Act ( AGOA), and how to both promote the advantages to buyers and be more readily prepared for export regulations.


East African SME Export Training Manual: Home Décor and Fashion Accessories

For this initiative Bhavana World Project partnered with Development Alternatives Inc.