From government to small enterprises. Government representatives need to have a comprehensive view of a sector’s challenges and opportunities, especially in relation to trade agreements, and how to support businesses that are eager to export. Businesses need to understand international market demands, and know how to navigate complicated export regulations.

Through our Export Promotion services, Bhavana worked with the USAID East Africa Trade & Investment Hub to develop country-level strategic plans and business-level tools and trainings for The Ministry of Trade in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The goal was to help countries maximize their participation in the Africa Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), a preferential trade agreement between the US and many African countries.

We analyzed a range of elements that impact each countries’ competitiveness in the home, fashion & accessories sector, from labor issues to availability of material inputs. In consultation with a range of relevant stakeholders, we developed a five year national sector strategy and prioritized action plan for each country’s Ministry of Trade.


Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda’s Ministries of Trade have a clear, actionable vision of how to support the home décor and fashion accessories sectors’ participation in AGOA. Artisans and entrepreneurs in these sectors have a resource to help them prepare their businesses for export to the US under AGOA.


Kenya National AGOA Strategy + Action Plan

Rwanda National AGOA Strategy + Action Plan

Uganda National AGOA Strategy + Action Plan

Paul Kagame on Foreign Aid vs. Trade in Rwanda

“There is bad aid and there is good aid. The bad aid is that one which creates dependencies, but good aid is that which is targeted to create capacities in people so that they are able to live on their own activities.”  Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

For this initiative Bhavana World Project partnered with Development Alternatives Inc.