Moldova has a dynamic apparel design scene with a range of established and emerging brands. Many brands rely on a domestic customer base, though, and would like to expand to regional and international markets.

To help businesses interested in making this challenging move, Bhavana provided Market Based Skills Trainings to apparel designers under the Moldova Competitiveness Project. Funded by USAID, this project supports a diverse, export-oriented economy in Moldova.

Through this initiative we provided one-on-one industry expert support over the course of multiple fashion seasons. We helped 20 Moldovan fashion brands expand their domestic market reach and build their export potential. Bhavana created tailored training programs aligned with the brands’ needs and strengthened necessary business skills, including in market research, production, sales and distribution. We also worked with designers on the creative side, providing tools and guidance for the design process, collection continuity, and brand identity.

We engaged with Moldova’s newest batch of emerging designers through a mentorship program under the Zip House Fashion Accelerator. Beautiful designs need exposure, so Bhavana also facilitated brands’ participation in regional and international trade shows and events, including a pop-up shop with a Topshop affiliate in London.


The Moldovan designers demonstrated strengthened technical and business skills. From the creative side, designers developed more cohesive lines with design elements that distinguish their brands. From the business side, they have a roster of practical tools, processes and information that will prepare them to successfully engage with regional and international markets.

For this initiative Bhavana World Project partnered with Chemonics.