Anthropologie launches Legend & Song

Anthropologie launches Legend and Song after working with designers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

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The Story of Legend and Song

The Legend and Song collection began with an inkling: what if we were to collaborate with artisans from Africa in a way that showcased and modernized the crafts we have so long admired?

And then, as so often happens at the Home Office, the stars aligned and we took a trip.

We weren’t alone.

With the help of Bhavana World Project, a social enterprise that links stateside companies with East Africa entrepreneurs and USAID, the lead U.S. Government agency developing trade and social programs in Africa, our design and production teams traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, making connections with designers, artisan collectives and cooperatives that practice the kind of traditional craftsmanship and of-the-moment aesthetic we so craved. The reality of the trip was far more special than we could’ve imagined; it was a downright magical, lighting-in-a-bottle confluence of collaboration and kismet. Come along with us and see.