Angelina Jolie visits RefuSHE Kenya

We had no idea less than two weeks after our training with the young women at RefuSHE, UNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie would visit the organization on World Refugee Day, she praised the women saying,

“It was my kind of runway: the most beautiful girls, survivors with their heads held high, bringing forward their own designs and culture.”

See how Harper’s Bazaar captured Angelina’s visit to RefuSHE’s fashion show.
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Since our training program, RefuSHE reported higher productivity and product diversity, with customers placing advance orders after seeing sample Shibori products. The women expanded their technical and business skills, and opened a new avenue for home based income-generation. They were equipped with the skills and materials needed to train colleagues in their respective organizations. Just as important, the RefuSHE team noted a shift in the workshop dynamics—the women artisans demonstrated a boost in confidence and motivation, with women testing and practicing the technique daily